map1 W2S2 [mæp] n
[Date: 1500-1600; : Medieval Latin; Origin: mappa, from Latin, 'cloth, towel']
1.) a drawing of a particular area for example a city or country, which shows its main features, such as its roads, rivers, mountains etc
According to the map we should turn left.
I'll draw a map of where we live.
on a map
I'm just trying to find Vancouver Island on the map.
map of
a large-scale map of Mexico City
street/road/route map
a full colour street map of Amsterdam
Do you know how to read a map (=understand the information it gives) ?
2.) a drawing of an area showing some kind of special feature, for example the type of rocks, weather, population etc
= ↑chart
an archaeological map of the area
the colour weather map in the newspaper
political map
(=one showing where political parties have power, or where countries are)
3.) put sth on the map
to make a place famous
It was the Olympic Games that really put Seoul on the map.
4.) off the map informal
a long way from any large town
It's a small place in Nebraska. Right off the map.
wipe sth off the map atwipe1 (8)
map 2
map2 past tense and past participle mapped present participle mapping
v [T]
1.) to make a map of a particular area
He spent the next fifteen years mapping the Isle of Anglesey.
2.) to discover or show information about something, especially about its shape or arrangement, or how it moves or works
The points at which stress and anxiety emerge can be mapped.
map onto [map onto sth] phr v
to match something or have a direct relationship with something
map out [map sth<=>out] phr v
to plan carefully how something will happen
Her own future had been mapped out for her by wealthy and adoring parents.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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